SUG & Societies

Students Unionism
The Centre is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in the provision of facilities to students, without regard to race, colour, religion, sex or nationality.
Education at the Centre takes place not only in the lecture rooms, libraries and laboratories but also in areas of friendship and leadership and involvement in the social, cultural and recreational life of the Centres.
The Students Affairs Offices work with the entire Centres to increase educational opportunity, meet the individual needs of students and promote the special learning that takes place in and out of class
environment. The FTC Kaduna organizes a student’s self-governing body known as the Student Union Government (SUG). The SUG is not a part of the Administration rather it is an arm formed to ensure effective students input in the policy and decision-making process of the Centres. All fully registered students are bonafide members and are issued with ID cards by the Students Affairs Office.

Clubs and Societies

There are in existence many clubs and societies representing the wide interests of various academic departments, town unions, local government areas, states, religious and social organizations.


A club or association may be registered by applying to the Student Affairs Officer in the Centre under the following guidelines:

i) Submission of an existing constitution;

ii) Letters of Attestation by two

(2) senior staff of the Centre and

iii) Payment of the stipulated fee.


Illegal Societies

Any unregistered or informal society or association that has aims and objectives contrary to the aims and objectives for which the Centres are established shall be regarded as illegal/secret and shall not be allowed to operate within the Centres.


Other Offences

i) Cases of Assault: Rape (proved cases) or attempted rape.

Penalty: Expulsion

ii) Cult Membership and participation in cult activities.

i)Penalty: Expulsion.

iii) Proved cases of stealing, assault, fighting, battering, etc.

Penalty: Expulsion.

iv) Proved cases of forgery, fraud or alteration of official documents, etc.

Penalty: Expulsion.


Any other acts of misconduct that the Board may identify from time to time shall be determined by the appropriate authority/committee.