Academic Matters


Students are required to attend classes regularly and punctually and perform satisfactorily any given assignment. Unless otherwise stated, classes run between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Students should not leave the school premises before the closing time on any day without permission.

Daily attendance at classes is compulsory. Permission to be absent from classes must be obtained in writing from the Centre. Absence from classes on grounds of ill-health should be supported with a medical report from a government medical officer.

Students will qualify to sit for Federal Training Centre semester and the National Secretarial Examinations only if they attain at least 90% class attendance.


Continuous assessments carry 30% of the total marks. They complement the semester examinations.


Examination malpractices constitute a criminal offence. Students are accordingly warned against engaging in any acts bordering on an infringement of the rules, regulations and norms for the safe and proper conduct of the various examinations to be taken during their Courses.



Practical works take place in the Simulation Room and the Electronic Rooms. Students are expected to exercise maximum care in handling typewriters and all other types of training equipment. Students are expected to be computer literate at the completion of their training programme. They should apply themselves to the facilities provided. However, students can only practice when their instructors are in the rooms.

Classroom furniture must not, for any reason, be moved to the hostels or anywhere outside the classrooms.


Students are advised to apply themselves to the facilities available in the library for their academic enhancement. All rules guiding the use of library apply.


Holidays are observed as specified in the academic calendar.


Individual students conduct and academic performance will be closely monitored. Confidential report shall be kept by the Centre and forwarded to the sponsoring Ministry/Department at appropriate periods.