Student Affairs


No student is permitted to attend classes or take part in any school activities until he/she is fully documented.


Students who are ill may go to any government hospital for treatment as provided for in the Public Service Rules. Students may, however, attend any private medical clinic at their own expenses. A student who wishes to attend a hospital must obtain hospital exeat from the Registry and such form should be completed and signed by the doctor and returned to the Centre by the student concerned.

All emergency cases should be reported to the matron or housemasters/mistresses, for appropriate action.


There is general assembly at 7.30 a.m every first Monday or the Month. All Students are required to attend punctualIy.


Students are expected to keep their rooms and surroundings clean at all times. Weekly inspections are carried out on Saturdays. It is compulsory for every student to participate in the general cleaning exercises that precede the inspection. Those whose surroundings are dirty will be penalized.


Female students (married or unmarried) are advised not to be pregnant during their courses. Any student who becomes pregnant will be withdrawn from the course and his/her sponsoring Ministry informed accordingly.


Students who intend to travel must submit written applications to the Principal for consideration at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure and must obtain written approval before embarking on such journeys.


Students may receive visitors between 4.00PM and 6.00PM on weekdays in the male students common room. During weekends and public holidays, visitors may be received between 10.00AM and 6.00PM at the same venue.


Loitering is prohibited along the corridors and within the administrative building during class hours.


Each student will be expected to make a deposit ofN500.00 against damages at the beginning of the Course. Such deposit is refundable at the end of the course if no Centre’s property has been broken or damaged by the student.


All students are required to use carefully all the facilities provided in the Centre. Students should not remove any furniture or fittings from any classroom hostel or building.

Any student who damages the Centre’s property will be held fully responsible for the repair or replacement of such property.


The Centre does not assume responsibility for loss of personal property. However, lost but found articles should be handed over to appropriate officers of the Centre who would pass such articles on to the Principal for return to the owner.


All students should consider themselves as employees posted to the Federal Training Centre, Kaduna. Therefore, all correspondence to the sponsoring Ministries/Departments must be written through the Principal.


In times of difficulties and emergency arising from loss of property, fire outbreak, attack from robbers, and so on, students should report immediately to the authority or any security officer on duty for help.
Students are however advised to take all necessary preventive measures to avoid such difficulties.


While in training, students are responsible to the Principal. Any student who conducts himself/herself in manner inconsistent with laid-dawn provisions and guidelines of the Centre risks being invited to appear before the Disciplinary Committee with the attendant consequences.


There is a Notice Board strategically located behind the multi- purpose Hall. Students are advised to consult it daily.