General Conduct


While in training, students are responsible to the Principal and disciplinary actions are meted out on them as and when necessary. All government rules and regulations apply. The Principal has the authority to discipline students for any breach of the rules and regulations of the Centre and in appropriate cases to dismiss students from the course.


Students of the Centre are treated as adults, therefore they are required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and display a high sense of responsibility and discipline both within and outside the
Centre throughout the duration of their courses. Students should be courteous, obedient and respectful to members of academic and non-academic staff.

In keeping with the norms and traditions of the service, students are expected to show respect and obedience at all times to fellow students who are of superior service grades to them or attending higher
courses. In like manner, students who are of superior grades or attending higher courses should demonstrate leadership qualities through mature, discipline and responsible conduct in their affairs
and interaction with fellow students so as to command the respect and obedience of students of lower status in the service.


Any student found guilty of stealing will be dismissed from the



Fighting is prohibited in the Centre. Students should report grievances to the Matron/Hostel Master or Mistress or Course Tutor as the case may be. Any student who engages in fighting would be
liable to suspension from the Centre or expulsion from the course.



Students should dress decently and modestly at all times and in the manner normally allowed in the office. All male students are expected to be clean-shaven and wear neat and trimmed hair. Female
students must be neat and well-groomed at all times. No female student will be allowed to attend classes in trousers, micro-mini, topless or transparent dresses. All students should wear noiseless shoes to classes. Any student who is inappropriately dressed will be sent out of class.


Smoking is prohibited in the classrooms, hostel rooms, corridor, the
administrative block and the library.


Alcoholic drinks are prohibited in the school or hostel premises.
Similarly, drunkenness is not allowed in the school or hostel