Brief History of the Institution

The Federal Training Centre, Kaduna, was formally opened on 1st
November, 1959, after the then Northern Nigeria Government
obtained self-rule. The Centre commenced its training programme at
the site which is now occupied by the popular Kaduna Government
College, College Road, Kaduna.

When the Centre was established, it was run by a Briton, Mr. J. L.
Bashford, who was assisted by a Nigerian (as Vice Principal),
Mallam Ibrahim Babatunde Gegele. Shortly, Mallam Gegele was
replaced by Mallam Adamu Fika.

At inception on l” November, 1959, the Centre commenced the
following training programmes with a trainee population of 150

Executive Officer Course
Clerical Officer Course
Stenographer Course (for Typists)

Basic Technical Course (for Staff of Post and Telecommunication)
Accounts Clerk Course

Receptionist Course

Railway Ticketing Course (for Railways)